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Postal Vote Application: 2014 ATSIEB Election

About this form

Use this form to apply for a postal vote for the 2014 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body election.


A form can be completed on behalf of someone else if you have permission from that person.


Postal votes cannot be mailed before 3 June 2014. 


If you will be overseas or interstate, please provide a suitable mailing address where ballot papers may be sent.


To be eligible to vote you must be an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander, at least 18 years old and on, or eligible to be on, the ACT electoral roll.


To be eligible to apply for a postal vote you must be eligible to vote and:

- expect to be unable to attend a polling place; or

- be registered as a silent elector with a suppressed address. 


If you have any questions regarding the election process, please contact Elections ACT on 02 6205 0033.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed.


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Step 1: Applicant authorisation

* Are you applying on behalf of

* Have you been authorised by the elector to apply on their behalf?

You must have the elector's permission to apply for a postal vote. Please contact the Elections ACT office on 02 6205 0033 if you require more information.

Step 2: Elector details

Please provide the details of the elector you are applying on behalf of



Elector's current permanent address:

Elector's postal address where you want voting papers sent:

* Why do you require a postal vote?

* Why does the elector require a postal vote?

* What is your relationship with the elector?

Step 3: Your details

Step 3: Submit

Step 4: Submit

Submission Acknowledgement

Your form has been successfully submitted. Please keep a copy of this acknowledgement for your records.

To save or print a copy of the completed form and acknowledgement go the "File" menu and select

"Save as" or "Print".

Receipt / Tax invoice

Your payment has been successful. Please keep a copy of this receipt / tax invoice for your records.


Description of service

Unit value





To save or print a copy of the completed form and receipt / tax invoice go to the "File" menu and select "Save as" or "Print".

Elections ACT


PO Box 272

Canberra ACT 2608


Phone: (02) 6205 0033

The ACT Electoral Commission is collecting the information on this form for purposes permitted by the ACT's Electoral Act 1992 as applied by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Act 2008.

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