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MyWay card details

Application for MyWay Autoload
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You can only set up an autoload direct debit if your MyWay card is registered. Enter your MyWay Card number and click the Look up card button to check your registration status. If your MyWay card is not registered you can proceed with the application and register your MyWay card as a part of the autoload application.
Your card is not registered. You can register your card now and complete the autoload application process. Please allow 24 hours for your registration to update prior to using the Check Your MyWay Balance online. Learn more about the benefits of registering your MyWay card and protecting the value added to the card.
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Card details

Application for MyWay Autoload
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You cannot register a school student card online if you are over 18 or younger than 3. Please call MyWay on 13 22 81 for assistance.
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Application for MyWay Autoload
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Registration details

Application for MyWay Autoload
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Auto-load details

Application for MyWay Autoload
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A copy of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement will be available on your submission acknowledgement.
This direct debit feature will automatically add value to your MyWay card when the balance falls below $10 with payment taken from your nominated bank account or credit card over the following days.
Specify the top-up amount (in whole dollars) you want to be added to your card when the value falls below $10.
Top-up amount must be between $20 and $190 as a whole dollar amount (no decimals)
Direct Debit Request Service Agreement 1.This agreement sets out the terms and conditions on which you (the Bank Account or Credit Card Holder) authorise us the Australian Capital Territory represented by ACTION (MyWay) to automatically deduct the amount authorised by your Direct Debit Request (DDR) from your bank account or credit card at your nominated financial institution and transfer this amount (Autoload amount) to the MyWay card nominated on the DDR. 2.You should allow two days for your DDR to be established from the time of application. 3.Your DDR authorises us to arrange for the transfer of the Autoload amount, whenever the value on the nominated MyWay card goes below the low value threshold amounts of $10. 4.The Autoload amount that you wish to transfer to the nominated MyWay card must be no less than $20 and no more than $190. It is generally recommended that the Autoload amount should allow for at least 10 of the card holder's normal journeys to reduce the number of transactions required per month. 5.When the nominated MyWay card goes below the low value threshold, the amount that you have nominated on your DDR will automatically be added to the nominated MyWay card when it is presented to a MyWay processor. The MyWay system account balance that is linked to the nominated MyWay card will be updated the following day. 6.The transfer of funds from your bank account or Credit Card of the Autoload amount will normally take place within two (2) business days following the update of the MyWay system account. 7.If an Autoload transaction falls on a weekend or public holiday, the debit to your bank account or Credit Card will be processed on the next business day. If you are unsure as to when a debit will be processed, you should ask your financial institution. 8.You must ensure that you have sufficient clear funds available in your nominated bank account or Credit Card on the transfer date to permit your DDR payment. If funds are not available, the amount transferred to the nominated MyWay card account will be reversed and your DDR will be cancelled. Your financial institution may charge you a fee if your bank account or Credit Card has insufficient funds or is unable to process your DDR payment. No further notification will be provided in the event that your DDR has been cancelled due to failed payment. You are encouraged to check the details of your account through the Check Your Balance website. If you have further queries relating to failed payments contact your financial institution. 9.To reactivate a cancelled DDR, you will have to submit a new online application. 10.If MyWay incurs any costs, bank fees or charges as a result of a dishonoured direct debit, these fees may be passed on to you as a charge. 11.Stopping a debit item. You can cancel, vary or defer the DDR by notifying us in writing. You will need to allow a minimum of 14 days to process your request or the debit may still be made. 12.Amounts transferred to the nominated MyWay card are non-refundable. 13.Direct Debit through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) is not available on all bank accounts or Credit Cards. If you are unsure as to whether direct debit is available on your account or Credit Card, you should check with your financial institution. 14.You should also check any amounts transferred to the nominated MyWay card against a recent statement from your financial institution. 15.If you believe that a debit has been made incorrectly, you should contact us and we will attempt to resolve the issue immediately or agree on a time to get back to you. If you are not happy with our response, we will advise you of further options. 16.We will keep information about your financial institution account confidential except to the extent necessary to resolve any claim you may make relating to a debit which you claim has been made incorrectly, or as otherwise required by law.
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